7600 Government Way, Suite 2
Dalton Gardens, Idaho 83815




"The bike fit you provided me on the day
after IM CDA 07 was terrific and has
helped me a great deal. I appreciate
your work every time I go for a ride."

Al Olsen 

"CycleMetrix is simply one of the best specialty bike stores around. Jim Kozak carries a wide range of triathlon/TT, road and even cycle-cross and mountain bikes, and he has all the tools to fix them. Need to thread cables through a fancy integrated headset on your tri bike? How about a BB30 than needs changing? Jim actually has the proper tools for the job, and experience to deal with the unique problems of high end bikes. He also provides the most contentious and friendly service around - and cares about bikes working perfectly, often more than their owners! As a professional athlete it is important to have the utmost confidence in your bike mechanic, and I trust Jim to get my Triad perfectly race ready. If you need a proper bike fit, your current bike fixed, or some awesome new gear - CycleMetrix is the place to go!"

"I came to Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2006 needing to replace all of the components on my bike. Jim had the unenviable task of attempting to do this for me overnight, just 2 days before the Ironman. Not only did he complete it successfully, essentially rebuilding my bike overnight, but he also probably managed to take a pound of weight off of my ride by suggesting and implementing a number of other improvements beyond what I had requested. Come race day, my bike worked great, and I was able to earn a nice paycheck (5th Place), thanks in a large part to Jim's last-minute bike rescue. I would trust him with my ride–my livelihood–anytime."

"After several visits to Coeur d'Alene over the past six years, I have finally found a trustworthy and competent bike shop for all my maintenance needs. With my frequent travel to and from races, mechanical failures and breakdowns are often unavoidable. Now that I have found Jim Kozak and CycleMetrix, I know I have access to a top-notch shop and a truly professional mechanic in CdA!" 
Michael Lovato, Professional Triathlete